This is the second sideways beanie crochet pattern I’ve designed. If you missed the first one and the story behind these hats, then you can find it here Crochet Sideways Beanie – Basketweave Stitch



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Crochet Sideways Beanie – Starfish Crochet Stitch – Free Crochet pattern

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For this project you will need:

HOOK: 5 mm hook or size H hook for the US

YARN:   two colors skeins of worsted weight yarn, 4 ply US, 10 ply AU

100 grams / 3.5. oz

240 meters / 262 yards


Another yarn brand with color options



Tapestry Needle 

Pom Pom Maker (Tutorial)

A Marker – This can be a piece of yarn, but is important to hold your piece together later.




ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

st = Stitch

sk = Skip

dec = decrease

beg = beginning

YO = Yarn Over

FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet

BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

SCFS = Single Crochet foundation stitch

Sc dec = single crochet decrease

DC Dec = Double Crochet Decrease
Repeat what’s in between * for rest of round.




Pattern with Pictures

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If you want to make this hat wide for a slouch hat size using this stitch. The multiples of this stitch is 6 + 1


We’re making the main part of the hat first.


Row 1

scfs 19. (18 + 1) ch 1 and turn.




Row 2

sc in first sc * sk 2 sts and DC 5 in next st. Sk 2 sts and sc in next st. * Repeat for row. sc in last sc to end row. ch 1 and turn.




Row 3

sc in first sc * FPDC on 2st DC of shell, then you’ll BPDC on next DC, (then keep alternating) FPDC on next DC, BPDC on next DC, FPDC on last DC. Sc in next sc* Repeat for row. sc in last sc to end row. ch 1 and turn.




Row 4

sc in first sc * sk 2 DC’s and DC 5 in center st. Sk 2 dc’s and sc in next st. * Repeat for row. sc in last sc to end row. ch 1 and turn.




Repeat rows 3 and 4 until your piece reaches–


47 cms \ 18 inches (child)

50 cms \ 19 inches (Adult)

If making for a man or someone with a bigger head try 53 cms \ 20 inches. I know it’s different to think of the side in this way, but we are making the circumference first.



Once you have your hat big enough around, now it’s time to close our hat.


Chose which side of the hat you like best. I just went with the front side of this stitch, but it’s nice to know you have options eh? Hehe


Anyway, fold your piece in half, making sure the side you want facing is facing out. Then grab a marker and going through both of your pieces, mark these last stitches to hold them together. Makes it so much easier when your sewing to keep your piece straight.


Now going under both sides again attach your new color to NON marked side and start to single crochet your piece together. Keep your stitches as even as you can. Once you reach the end, you can remove your marker and turn your piece to the side and open it up. We’re going to be working on closing the top of your hat now.






Closing the Top of your hat



Round 1

CH 1 or CH 2 if it helps you reach the top without pulling your piece to much. SC as evenly as you can along the side stitches, just make sure you end on an even number of stitches. When you reach the end row there’s no need to sl st, just keep going, continue to row 2 when you reach your beginning st again.




Round 2

*sc dec, sc in next 2 sc’s * repeat for round




Round 3

*sc dec, sc in next st* repeat for round




Round 4

*sc dec all the way around* when you get to the end of your round sl st in beg sc and ch 1. Leaving a long tail for sewing, cut your yarn.


Thread your tapestry needle and feed it through to the inside of your hat. Flip your hat inside out so that your sewing on the inside of your hat and start weaving your needle through the stitches creating a pulley effect. Once you’ve weaved through all your stitches, pull the yarn to close the hole, then insert your needle down a few stitches away from the hole and pull your yarn through, but not all the way. Use this to tie a know to secure the hole. Cut your yarn leaving a small tail and weave in all your ends.


Turn your hat back to the front side again.


Flip your hat to the bottom, we’re Making the Rim of the hat now.






Making the Rim



Round 1

Attach your new color using a sc attachment and sc as evenly as you can using the side stitches. Don’t add more stitches here, just use the natural holes in the sides to create your sc’s. Make sure you end on an even number of stitches.


Once you reach the beginning again and you’ve counted your stitches to make sure you have an even number then you want to sl st in beg st and ch 2.




Round 2

DC Dec the DC in next * repeat for round. Sl st in beg st. Again make sure you end on an even number of stitches, be sure to count the beg ch 2 as a stitch.




Round 3

CH 2 and FPDC on post of following DC, then BPDC on the next post. Alternate your FPDC’s and BDPC’s all the way around until you reach your beg st.


Repeat round 3 two more times (for rows 4 and 5)

after row 5, sl st to beg st, ch 1 and leaving a small tail, cut your yarn. Work in ends.



This is optional, but I like to use my main color and embroider around the first row of the rim. It’s essentially slip stitching, just do it very loosely and evenly so not to shrink the size of the hat any!






Create a Pom Pom with the same second color and sew to the top of your hat making sure to sew it all the way around the top for a good fit so that your ball won’t wobble.

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