In this part of the crochet pattern we’ll be learning how to make our puff flowers and how to sew them together.






Here’s a fun video showing you other color combinations for this sweater.





ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

st = Stitch

sk = Skip

dec = decrease

YO = Yarn Over

sc = Single Crochet






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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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In this part of the pattern we’ll be making the center of our flowers another color than the petals. How to make the center, grab the color you wish to use for the center: 



To Start: Using your 4 mm hook
Create your slip knot leaving a tail that can be hidden later. ch 4, sl st into beginning ch to form a loop



Round 1
ch 1 and sc 12 in loop, sl st into beginning st. Cut your yarn leaving a tail to be hidden later.






Round 2

Now switch your color to the one you wish to use for your petal. (Be sure to leave a tail long enough to be hidden later) Sl st into beginning st and ch 3, in same stitch, | YO and insert your hook into the same stitch and draw up | do this 3 times for first part of stitch (7 loops on hook)


then in the next stitch, YO and insert your hook into the same stitch and draw up (13 loops on hook)


pull through all 13 loops. Ch 3, sl st into same st.




sl st into the same st to secure puff. Sl st into next st and ch 3. Repeat your puff stitch as you did before.






Your very first flower you will complete fully. After last petal, sl st into beginning st where you attached your yarn the first time, and ch 1, cut your yarn leaving a tail to be hidden later.


Now start your next flower, on the second petal you can make your connection to the first flower.





To make the connection , you will use the larger of the two connections, the center top stitch and the ch 3 space as shown in the pictures below.





After you have pulled through all 13 loops of your puff stitch sl st through these sts and the loop on your hook





Then ch 3 and sl st into same stitch to anchor.






Sl st in next st and repeat the connect for the next petal too. You should have two petals connected. Once you do, finish the flower as normal.


Repeat until you have 16 flowers connected. Remember on the 16th flower you will be making 4 connections, the connections on the sides only, leaving the top and bottom petal alone.






The first flower on the second row you will have 3 connections.

One in the top petal, one on the connection space you made last row and then on the top petal of the next flower.


The the second flower of the row will have 4 connections.





Start with the side petal, then one in the next two connection spaces then the last connection using the top petal of the flower below.




Continue until your last petal. The last flower of this row will have all petals connected except for the top petal.



Continue row after row until you have 5 rows of flowers connected. I highly recommend that you hide your tails after you connect a flower, if not then you will always be fighting tails and will have a big job at the end.





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